Regular Deposits

LICU knows how important it is for you to have immediate access to cash at all times. Your deposit account allows you to have your cash safe yet accessible at all times using:

Over the counter services at:

  • 5 Park Street, Orange Walk Town
  • 2 Forest Drive, Belmopan City
  • Via ATM’s countrywide via NetworkOne (link it to the map and the locations as per Heritage Bank)
  • Via Points of Sales countrywide via Network One (link it to the Point of Sale locations as per Heritage Bank)

The options above are all to ensure that you have ease of access and convenience. These benefits have been greatly enhanced with us being a part of NetworkOne to provide you with an added sense of safety as it allows you access to your funds via your ATM and POS countrywide and there is no need to carry around excess cash anywhere, anytime.