24-hour Depository Bin System Services

Now functional for convenience

This new system is to be functional as of March 28, 2019 and is geared to create convenience to our members by providing yet another alternative medium from which to make payments or deposits to your accounts. Our lines can prove to be time-consuming, especially during our 15th and End-of-month Pay Cycles when all are scrambling to meet their commitments with us. Now, thanks to our depository bin, our members will have the convenience of accessing our depository kiosk, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to execute transactions. Members will simply need to fill out our Depository Slips with the relevant and accurate details of their transactions and can safely and securely complete this task by depositing the monies along with relevant information in a sealed envelope at our facilities to wait for execution on the following day of business operations. Members will be able to verify these transactions via our online banking platform, once processed, or by bringing their passbooks to be updated at their own leisure.