Our Team of Professionals

Meet the driving force behind La Inmacualda Credit Union’s success.

    Melissa Leiva

    Operations Manager

    Melissa Leiva has been with LICU since 1991 and is currently the Operations Manager who ensures that the daily operations are carried out in a timely manner. She assists at both the headquarters and the branch in the City of Belmopan. Her years of experience are being put to good use on a daily basis to ensure that LICU continues to be a leading financial institution in the country and the region.

        Yadeli Urbina

        General Manager

        Mrs. Yadeli Urbina is an energetic, committed, creative and caring intellectual who has earned much respect and admiration from all stakeholders – the membership, her colleagues, Directors and Officers, and those she liaises with on a national basis. Ms. Yadeli’s innovation has positively contributed to our Credit Union’s growth and progress. Even though Ms. Yadi was employed as a Secretary on August 15, 2005, she was soon promoted to a new post as Executive Assistant because of her valuable characteristics and traits. Her colleagues unanimously recommended her to be named as a Justice of the Peace, a much needed service here at LICU. She was soon promoted to Projects Manager as LICU offers numerous additional services and benefits in collaboration with many partners in development. Ms. Yadi, as she is better known, has indeed proven to be a valuable asset to LICU and as a result was officially promoted to General Manager in January 2016.

            Yolly Trejo

            Senior Cashier

            Yolly Trejo has been a part of our LICU family since June 2000  and has served our members diligently as our senior cashier. She is responsible for overseeing our cashiers ensuring that they have all necessary resources for normal daily operations. Her commitment and dedication to her tasks are obvious and appreciated by all.

                Giovanni Argalles

                Microfinance Field Officer

                Giovanni Argalles became a part of LICU’s team on September 5, 2011 as a Public Relations Officer. He is currently a Micro Finance Field Officer that takes LICU’s services and benefits to the rural areas. He also has a special focus on delivering trainings to our members for capacity building purposes. Additionally he assists with our ATM’s maintenance activities, minor IT functions, and is highly involved in our marketing activities.

                    Lucia Gonzalez

                    Assistant Legal Officer/Cashier

                    Lucia Gonzalez joined LICU’s family on October 2008 as our Public Relations Officer. Lucia came to us with a wealth of experience and immediately implemented her knowledge and expertise at LICU’s service. In a short while, she learnt the procedures and quickly became a familiar and well-liked face by both her co-workers and our shareholders. She is now the Assistant Legal Officer and is charged with the preparation of documents and ensure that they are signed in a timely manner. She also performs cashiering duties when necessary to ensure that members are attended to promptly and efficiently.

                        Edith Gonzalez

                        Loans Monitoring Officer

                        Edith Gonzalez became a part of LICU’s team in August 2011 as a Public Relations Officer. She is now a Loans Monitoring Officer and has the important responsibility of following up with our members who are behind in their payments. She is in constant contact with so many persons on a daily basis and remains courteous and helpful to one and all as she offers options to assist them in overcoming their current challenges in meeting their commitments.

                            Benjamin Itza

                            Security Officer

                            Benjamin Itza has been one of our Security Officers since May 2010. He has twenty years of training in a security related field and his level of skill and preparation is evident. He is friendly and accommodating yet demands respect at the same time. He knows that his main responsibility is to look after the safety of our members, staff, and property and is ever vigilant. He does extend other courtesies such as opening the door for the elderly and women with children, assisting with directions and other such accommodations whenever the time and circumstances allow.

                                Jamid Teyul

                                Microfinance Field Officer

                                Jamid Teyul joined our LICU staff as a cashier in June 2012. He displays a high level of maturity at his young age and takes his job very seriously. He has quickly developed a loyalty to the institution and its members-owners and attentively attends to each member with a bright smile, willing and eager to meet their needs. As a result of his obvious dedication, efficiency, and professionalism of service to our members he was promoted and is currently a  Microfinance Field Officer at our main branch assigned the task of taking LICU’s services to the communities in Orange Walk District.

                                    Leobardo Mendez

                                    Security Officer

                                    Mr. Leobardo Mendez has enjoyed being a member-owner of LICU for numerous years and was extremely pleased to join our staff as a security officer. He values safety as a key factor for both the staff and the members in the office. He complements our security team extremely well as he is thoroughly in tune as a member of what he expects when he comes to LICU and he now tries to surpass those expectations on a daily basis.

                                        Rosita Sanchez


                                        Rosita Sanchez was delighted to joined LICU’s staff on August 6, 2012 with an intense desire to serve her credit union and her fellow member-owners well. She was employed as the Office Assistant and is now serving our membership as a Cashier. Her earnest desire to meet the needs of the membership and all stakeholders will positively contribute to the professional and courteous service being offered at LICU.

                                            Jeremias Tun

                                            Junior Credit Advisor

                                            Jeremias is one of our courteous and friendly staff members who joined us in August 2013 as a cashier. As one of our frontline personnel he came into contact with numerous members on a daily basis and he took time to ensure that he attended to each and every one as efficiently and as promptly as possible. His hard work and dedication were easily recognized and consequently he was promoted to become a junior credit advisor.

                                                Amanda Sandoval


                                                Amanda joined LICU in November 2013 as our receptionist. She diligently applied herself to learning the policies, practices and services as she earnestly wanted to be able to competently serve our members. She also volunteers frequently for numerous tasks and has become one of the most reliable staff members.
                                                She also assists with Public Relations doing an excellent job in coordinating appointments, queries, opening of accounts and providing any required information when her assistance is needed. She is organized, efficient, and always willing to be of assistance.