The LICU/BNECT National Student Loan Program is collaborationbetweenLICU and the Belize Natural Energy Trust Fund, two magnanimous and socially conscious establishments,whoare making their resources available at the service of our community. Our commitment to social responsibility has yielded significant positive effects in the lives of many since its inception in 2009. This customized student loan program is focused in offering affordable and convenient financial credit to students both at the secondary and tertiary levels particularly to those who are faced with financial challenges and would have not been able to pursue their studies without such credit accessibility. Furthermore, apart from inclusion, it fosters responsibility and commitment on the student’s part since a certain level of academic performance is required at all times for subsequent disbursements; it also inculcates the importance of budgeting as each student within the program needs to have a record of his or her term/semester expenses incurred directly related to his/her studies. We believe that a vital component of our success is that students obtain assistance for the completion of their studies which allows them to focus on their academic performance without the uncertainty for subsequent semesters.